To all medical professionals involved in gastrointestinal endoscopy

For polypectomy and suture technique trainingEasy to set up and easy to train with

EASY (Endoscopist & assistant's simulator dry lab) is a joint research and development product of the Yamashita Hospital Sustainability Promotion Office and TANAC.

We have developed an endoscopic treatment simulator called a dry lab that does not use biological tissue, which endoscopists and caregivers can easily use to practice their techniques. We hope this to be used as an effective educational tool and explanatory material.

Medical corporation Yamashita Hospital

General Manager of Gastroenterology Ippei Matsuzaki

Nurse / Endoscopy Technician Mafu Tsunemi



Product Specifications (Unit : mm)

EASY Sheet (replacement)
EASY Sheet (replacement)
P-1 :φ3×2.5 P-2 :φ5×2.5
P-3 :φ8×2.5 P-4 :φ15×2.5
P-5 :φ10×6 P-6 :about 18×24
P-7 :φ10×15 Ul-1:10×5
Ul-2:φ10 Ul-3:30×15
EASY CSP Sheet (replacement)
EASY CSP Sheet (replacement)
φ5×2.5 25 pieces
about 270×60×45

How to Use

Assemble the BOX (paper craft) as shown.

Fold the stopper on the back inward to prevent slippage.
Roll up the colored base paper, fasten with claws, and place in the BOX.

Place the EASY sheet that is still on the film inside and close the lid.

An endoscope is inserted through the insertion port and training can begin.

The difficulty level can also be adjusted by changing the orientation of the BOX.

EASY front

EASY back

How to Assemble the EASY

Products and Prices

For endoscopic training, please purchase the "EASY Training Kit".
When you wish to use it as an explanatory material for patients, please purchase the "EASY replacement Sheet".
  The table below can be scrolled horizontally.
Product NameJJAN CodePackaging UnitPrice
EASY Training Kit 4589720790782 EASY sheet (replacement) 1 sheet、E-BOX 1 box


EASY CSP Training Kit 4589720791017 EASY CSP sheet (replacement) 1 sheet、E-BOX 1 box


EASY sheet (replacement) 4589720790799 sheet (replacement) 1 sheet


EASY CSP sheet (replacement) 4589720791024 EASY CSP sheet (replacement) 1 sheet


EASY Examples of Use

For training medical professionals

As a tool for explaining to patients

For conference presentations

For recruiting physicians and comedians

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